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Here are some useful resources to get started in Machine Learning

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These are some free datasets to use

University of Alberta Courses

Course NameCourse NumberDays and Time
Introduction to Data ScienceCMPUT 191TH 14:00-15:20
Ethics of Data Science and Artificial IntelligenceCMPUT 200TH 11:00-12:20
Game Artificial IntelligenceCMPUT 256MWF 11:00-11:50
Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceCMPUT 261TH 9:30-10:50
Basics of Machine LearningCMPUT 267TH 12:30-13:50
Games, Puzzles, AlgorithmsCMPUT 355TH 9:30-10:50
Introduction to Reinforcement LearningCMPUT 365MFW 13:00-13:50
Search and Planning in Artificial IntelligenceCMPUT 366TH 14:00-15:20
Intermediate Machine LearningCMPUT 367TH 15:30-16:50
Search, Knowledge and SimulationCMPUT 455TH 14:00-15:20
Machine LearningCMPUT 463TH 12:30-13:50
Artificial Intelligence CapstoneCMPUT 469TH 11:00-12:20

Popular Lectures

General Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Andrew Ng, Stanford University Universally recommended machine learning lectures by Andrew Ng, for beginner and intermediate level machine learning.

Elements of AI Free online course made by the University of Helsinki and Reaktor.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning with David Silver Older but popular lecture series by lead DeepMind researcher David Silver at King’s College London. Follows along with the first edition of Introduction to RL by Sutton and Barto.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2018 These are the lecture videos from the 2018 DLRL summer school, held by CIFAR, Amii, and the Vector Institute in Toronto. The DLRL summer school is pretty competitive, but the lectures actually vary from introductory to advanced. Links to the slides are also included on the video pages.

Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning with DeepMind A brand new lecture series (2018) done at UCL by a bunch of DeepMind staff.


Compiled r/MachineLearning Links This is a compilation of links created by the Machine Learning subreddit on reddit, containing various free resources